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11/22/08 07:27 PM #1    


Matthew McClellan

Thanks, Jon :) warm regards to you too. I like the home page photo. I remember that huge Viking.

Here, they seem to want to display my name twice name twice.

01/20/09 04:57 PM #2    


Susan Wallace

Hello fellow classmates - just wanted to let you know that I received 2 class reunion invites today (I'm special). No - actually I don't know who Susan Bradford Wallace is, but she doesn't live at my address. FYI. So I'm excited! Happy it's being held in the summertime. Guess I better get to the gym.. Appreciate the 6 months heads up! haha. Not so happy it's way up in Tyson's, but I'm not going to complain since I'm not coming from Vegas or Minnesota! Hope all of you happy people on facebook that I've been chatting with will all be there -fun times! Can we have some really fun dance music this time? I can help if needed - let me know!


01/24/09 05:40 AM #3    

Jim Gerock

Hi Everyone - Just a quick note saying how much I've enjoyed browsing thru this site and corresponding with folks whom I haven't seen nor heard from since '84. Many of us have changed just enough to not recognize each other if we crossed paths today - others haven't changed at all.

Some years ago, I recall sitting next to and talking with Michael Borland waiting in Atlanta (gate across from the Chili's) for my flight back to Dulles. I think this was during the "" boom years.

We are really looking forward to the reunion - BUT we just learned that Susan's 25th reunion is on the same weekend (in Beckley, WV)!

Thanks to all the organizers!

01/24/09 02:45 PM #4    

Timothy Broger

hey everyone been out of the loop for awhile cant wait to see some old friends talk about high school days

05/13/09 12:12 PM #5    

Patricia Hewett (Austin)

Hey there!!! It has been along time for some of us in contacting the ol class mates!!! Hope all have been fine!!


06/16/09 07:43 PM #6    


Kimberly Anderson (Rudisill)

OK, So according the website , there are only 11 of us going to the Reunion???? That can't be right! Lets go class of 84. Lets show these reunion organizers that we ARE the most sentimental class and we will meet and beat the attendance expectations!

07/02/09 09:18 AM #7    

Susie Wells (Sallinger)


08/07/09 01:39 AM #8    

Michelle Baird

To all my classmates at WSHS-Class of 84'...Hope you all have a GREAT Reunion this weekend! I will miss you! Looking forward to pics!!! Looking forward to seeing some of you this fall and then early next spring!

02/26/19 01:36 PM #9    


Matthew McClellan

I received Kim's email regarding a 35th reunion. I'm certainly up for it, it's been far too long. An outdoor venue would be great. I'll wait for others to comment, but I'll be there and will be glad to help with prep.

Best wishes to everybody, I hope that you're all doing well.


02/26/19 01:50 PM #10    

Frank Finamore (Finamore Frank)

Perhaps for the 35th reunion (damn, are we really that old?!) we could have several events to make sure that there is something for everyone.  We could have one event that would be open to everyone, a bar night somewhere in Woodbridge/Occoquan, a park setting for those that want to bring their kids (i.e. Jimmy Long) or grandkids (most everyone else -  haha), maybe even a sports event.  People could go to whatever they'd like/feel most comfortable attending.

02/26/19 07:14 PM #11    

Andy Mueck

Here are some ideas for an adult gathering:  1) Madigans ... easy, Occoquan, inexpensive, can accomodate larger groups (Timmy Johnson would know best here) 2) Fair Winds Brewer in Newington just off I-95 by the new Embassy Suites ... great beer, activities, food truck (not sure on large group reservation cost) 3) Two Silos brewery in Manassas (heard great reviews, large) 4) Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton.   I'll continue to do more research and see what other options I can find for adult gathering.  For an all family event, I'll see what I can find.




02/27/19 10:56 AM #12    

Michele Williams (Michelow)

Hi Everybody!  

I think everybody always loves the Friday night "Bar Night", so that is a given.  I am all for a day time activity on Saturday if that is what folks want.  I do know that last time, Sat night, was way too loud.  I know that most people don't love the "formal" things at the hotel where we have to pay $75+ for a ticket (for the catering, space rental at hotel etc).  I think at the 25 year reunion, the cost was $75 or $80.  So 10 years later, it would be much more for a formal sit down shindig.  Since Sean McNelis said, way back at the 20 year reunion, "Why don't you just put a few kegs out by the power lines, worked back then?"  I have wanted to have an outdoor shindig on Sat night, with a bonfire/BYOB/in the fall.  Have some of those White tents you could set up in case of weather etc.  But...finding a place to do that, is the challenge.  So, maybe these places (wineries) would be nice?  I am going to post Kim's note on FB (in our group) and also my response.  Keep the ideas coming...


02/27/19 10:58 AM #13    

Michele Williams (Michelow)

Look at Matt's response all fancy with an up to date profile pic!  I guess we need to get with the program!  I don't mess with this site as much since 1/2 the folks are right there are Facebook!  



02/27/19 11:46 AM #14    

Janet Stokes (Genari)

1.  Bar night/adult activity - Andy's suggestion of Madigan's sounds perfect & close to the old stomping grounds.  2 Silos would be excellent also...have been there a couple times myself, live music on weekends, plenty of parking, plenty of room outdoors (limited but doable indoors), crowded on weekends (but maybe if we make advanced "reservations" for the group), service was good both times I was there as was the food.  As for Paradise Springs, with the size of our crowd I would advise against that one.  Parking would be challenging as would space in/around the they have some very picky/specific rules about what you can/cannot use to decorate for any "events" supposedly due to an eagle sanctuary nearby (learned this the hard way when I tried to walk in the door w/ balloons for a friend's 50th birthday).

2.  Sporting event - depending on the date, perhaps the homecoming game?  Woodbridge/Gar-Field game might be a little late for reunion timing, but a possibility nonetheless.

3.  Park - Veterans Park perhaps due to size, I'm sure there are others but it's been a while & that's the first one that comes to mind being somewhat local.

02/27/19 12:29 PM #15    

James Long

I am in ... I have small kids (yes, Frank.  lol.  Keeps me young.  Love them) but don't do a kid thing for me.  You don't want me there with these little ones,  I would be kid chasing all night. 

08/02/19 06:39 PM #16    


Susan Wallace

Sounds fun & looking forward to seeing everyone again!  Happy to help if needed, let me know!

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